Monday, July 25, 2011

Maria Aragon: 'I feel very blessed'

Filipino-Canadian singer Maria Aragon is elated to have shared the stage with pop princess Sarah Geronimo for a production number on “ASAP Rocks.”

In an interview with “The Buzz” on Sunday, Maria Aragon said it never crossed her mind that she’ll sing with either Geronimo or any of the “ASAP” stars.

“It was an amazing experience especially getting to sing with the one and only Sarah Geronimo. She was really nice and she was amazingly talented. It was such a blessing and honor that everybody welcomed me at ASAP,” she said.

“I feel very blessed and I want to say thank you to everybody for your support,” she added.

Things to do

Maria Aragon also revealed what keeps her busy while she is here in the Philippines.

“Well for now we are recording an album and that’s gonna be coming out some time in August and it’s gonna have songs like ‘Born This Way,’ just a little bit of a revival of that song. We’re gonna do the song ‘You’re my Home’ by Lea Salonga. We’re gonna be doing another version of that for a movie under Star Cinema and it’s gonna be coming out soon so we’re really excited for that too,” she said.

Aside from her record deal with Star Records, Maria Aragon also mentioned that she’ll be doing a charity work which will benefit the poor children in the country.

“I just want to talk about another event that I’m doing. It’s called the Couples For Christ Global Ancop. The money from it goes towards the education for poor children in the Philippines,” she said.

“The other day I cried in an interview because it’s really important to me that we should all be aware of the different situations and tragedies that are happening. When I went to the Philippines, there were kids on the street and they had no home, they had no bed and it made me cry,” Aragon said.

Maria Aragon said the opportunities don't normally happen in Canada and she wants “to make a change and hopefully I influence other people to make a change too.”

Best advice

Asked what is the best advice that she ever got from her parents or from the people that she has worked with, Aragon said: “You should always stay grounded.”

“I’ve been through a lot but the thing is you should always stay grounded. I always stay with God. I always pray with my family every night and just always be grateful for what you have because there are some kids or a lot of people that don’t have what we have. We are very privileged to have what we have. It’s very important to me,” she explained.



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